William Allen White Elementary School

902 Exchange Street
Emporia, KS 66801

Tell Kirk, Principal
Wendy Fancher, Secretary
Amy Giffin, Secretary - Turning Point Academy

Voice: (620) 341-2294
Fax: (620) 341-2296
Web: William Allen White Elementary
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Last Nickname Title Email
Acevedo Felix Angela Paraeducator angela.acevedofelix@usd253.net
Allen Christine Teacher Aide christine.allen@usd253.net
Anno Ashlee Grade 5 ashlee.anno@usd253.net
Barreira Stacy Grade 2
Bliss Douglas Grade 5-8 Global Studies-Turning Point Academy douglas.bliss@usd253.net
Boehm Emily K-4 Intermediate - Turning Point Academy emily.boehm@usd253.net
Bonnet Sheri Instructional Coach sheri.bonnet@usd253.net
Bradburn Carol Paraeducator carol.bradburn@usd253.net
Brooks LaKeitha Librarian lakeitha.brooks@usd253.net
Carter Bridget Grade 5-8 Science - Turning Point Academy bridget.carter@usd253.net
Clark Ashley K-4 - Turning Point Academy ashley.clark@usd253.net
Conrade Ashley 5-8 Math - Turning Point Academy ashley.conrade@usd253.net
Currie Christinia Paraeducator - Turning Point christina.currie@usd253.net
Curtis Melanie Computer Teacher melanie.curtis@usd253.net
Dalton Marilyn Kindergarten marilyn.dalton@usd253.net
Delgado Bruna Health Office Assistant/Office Aide bruna.delgado@usd253.net
Dorcas Cathy Grade 4 Cathy.Dorcas@usd253.net
Drennan Marck Art marck.drennan@usd253.net
Ensminger Tracy Grade K-4 - Turning Point Academy tracy.ensminger@usd253.net
Fancher Deb Paraeducator debra.fancher@usd253.net
Fancher Wendy Secretary wendy.fancher@usd253.net
Floriani Lisa Instructional Strategist lisa.floriani@usd253.net
Garcia Katy Paraeducator katy.garcia@usd253.net
Garcia Cinthya Teacher Aide cinthya.garcia@usd253.net
Giffin Emily Paraeducator emily.giffin@usd253.net
Giffin Amy Secretary - Turning Point Academy amy.giffin@usd253.net
Glenn Megan Enrichment Teacher megan.glenn@usd253.net
Goza Jona Food Service Delivery/Custodian jona.goza@usd253.net
Harn Heidi Grade 5 heidi.harn@usd253.net
Hendry Jill Grade 3 jill.hendry@usd253.net
Higgins Diana Paraeducator diana.higgins@usd253.net
Horton Karen Instructional Strategist karen.horton@usd253.net
Jones Alice Teacher Aide alice.jones@usd253.net
Karjala Annette Adaptive Special Education annette.karjala@usd253.net
Kirk Tell Principal tell.kirk@usd253.net
Koenigs Valerie Teacher Aide - Turning Point Academy valerie.koenigs@usd253.net
Kruse Jandee Grade 2 jandee.kruse@usd253.net
Lednicky Katherine Vocal Music katherine.lednicky@usd253.net
Lehman Alley Kingergarten alley.lehman@usd253.net
Luce Michael Speech-Language Pathologist mluce@cgrove417.net
Luna Lori Teacher Aide lori.luna@usd253.net
Mejia Aaron Adaptive Special Education aaron.mejia@usd253.net
Miller Loretta Lead Cook - Food Service loretta.miller@usd253.net
Morris Brandi Teacher Aide brandi.morris@usd253.net
Nichols Ryan Music - Turning Point Academy ryan.nichols@usd253.net
Ortega Obdulia Custodian obdulia.ortega@usd253.net
Paramanathan Santhiogupillai Head Custodian
Pavlik Tabitha Student Support Specialist tabitha.pavlik@usd253.net
Rincon JoAnn Teacher Aide jo.rincon@usd253.net
Robison Meghan Grade 1 meghan.robison@usd253.net
Ross Shelby Grade 4 shelby.ross@usd253.net
Schroeder Brenda Building Support Technician brenda.schroeder@usd253.net
Secord Sarah K-4 Primary - Turning Point Academy sarah.secord@usd253.net
Shafer Roberta Grade 1 roberta.shafer@usd253.net
Shirley Cindy School Nurse cindy.shirley@usd253.net
Smith Kate Paraeducator kate.smith@usd253.net
Van Sickle Megan Physical Education megan.vansickle@usd253.net
Wagaman Kelly Grade 3 kelly.wagaman@usd253.net
Wendling Jenny Instructional Strategist jennifer.wendling@usd253.net
Williams Petra Teacher Intern petra.williams@usd253.net
Young Donna Library Clerk donna.young@usd253.net
Ziegler Denise Paraeducator denise.ziegler@usd253.net

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The Emporia Public Schools publishes the email addresses of all employees to help parents and community members communicate with school personnel for educational purposes. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the use of employee names and address lists for commercial purposes.

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