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Kim Kirk, Principal

Laurie Kurzen, Assistant Principal

Linda Turney, Secretary

Voice: (620) 341-2270
Fax: (620) 341-2272
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Last Nickname Title Email
Adkins Jenna Grade 1 jenna.adkins@usd253.net
Aranda Susana Office Aide susana.aranda@usd253.net
Arndt Amanda Instructional Coach amanda.arndt@usd253.net
Barnett Mandy Paraeducator mandy.barnett@usd253.net
Boles Morgan Paraeducator morgan.boles@usd253.net
Boline Sadie Paraeducator sadie.boline@usd253.net
Bontrager Brittany Teacher Intern brittany.bontrager@usd253.net
Bosiljevac Stephanie Grade 2 stephanie.bosiljevac@usd253.net
Brown Larry Custodian larry.brown@usd253.net
Brunner Anita Paraeducator anita.brunner@usd253.net
Bueno Rusty Paraeducator rusty.bueno@usd253.net
Calderwood Stephanie Instructional Strategist stephanie.calderwood@usd253.net
Carter Kristi Paraeducator - Intensive Skills kristi.carter@usd253.net
Carter Casey Kindergarten casey.carter@usd253.net
Coleman Connie Instructional Strategist connie.coleman@usd253.net
Combes Angela Adaptive Special Education angela.combes@usd253.net
Cooper Camille ELA Teacher camille.cooper@usd253.net
Cooper Heidi Paraeducator - Intensive Skills heidi.cooper@usd253.net
Darnell Ashleigh Kindergarten ashleigh.darnell@usd253.net
Delgadillo Toni Paraeducator/Aide toni.delgadillo@usd253.net
DeLong Bobbi Paraeducator - Intensive Skills bobbi.delong@usd253.net
England Nancy Paraeducator nancy.england@usd253.net
Esslinger Jennifer Adaptive Special Education jennifer.esslinger@usd253.net
Flanagin Darla Librarian/Reading Enrichment darla.flanagin@usd253.net
Forbes Linda Teacher Aide linda.forbes@usd253.net
Francis Cindy School Nurse cindy.francis@usd253.net
Glenn Megan Enrichment Teacher megan.glenn@usd253.net
Hahn Krichin Department Leader - Bakery krichin.hahn@usd253.net
Hanlin Trenna Grade 4 trenna.hanlin@usd253.net
Harden Lorna Food Service, Flex Worker lorna.harden@usd253.net
Hawes Allyson Paraeducator/Teacher Aide allyson.hawes@usd253.net
Heffron Cassie Food Service Accountability Clerk cassie.heffron@usd253.net
Hendrickson Jenni Kindergarten jenni.hendrickson@usd253.net
Hendry Amanda Physical Education amanda.hendry@usd253.net
Hoelting Holli Grade 3 holli.hoelting@usd253.net
Irwin Susan Teacher Aide susan.irwin@usd253.net
Isch Kaitlyn Paraeducator kaitlyn.isch@usd253.net
Jones Jennifer Paraeducator jennifer.jones@usd253.net
Kelly Deanne Grade 3 deanne.kelly@usd253.net
Kessler Annette Speech-Language Pathologist annette.kessler@usd253.net
Kirk Kim Principal kim.kirk@usd253.net
Knuth Jessica Adaptive Special Education jessica.knuth@usd253.net
Kraft Teresa Paraeducator/Teacher Aide teresa.kraft@usd253.net
Kraft Cindy Grade 4 cindy.kraft@usd253.net
Kurzen Laurie Assistant Principal laurie.kurzen@usd253.net
Lerch Casey Paraeducator casey.lerch@usd253.net
Longcor Lisa Paraeducator lisa.longcor@usd253.net
Lopez De Juarez Saira Assistant Cook - Food Service saira.juarez@usd253.net
Loucks Gary Head Custodian gary.loucks@usd253.net
Lynn Bill Paraeducator bill.lynn@usd253.net
Mays Angelica Grade 1 angelica.mays@usd253.net
McCloud Shirley Grade 5 shirley.mccloud@usd253.net
Mejia Pam Library Clerk pam.mejia@usd253.net
Milleson Jessica Grade 2 jessica.milleson@usd253.net
Morgan Stephanie Teacher Aide stephanie.morgan@usd253.net
Olivier Kala Grade 3 kala.olivier@usd253.net
Perry Amy Grade 1 amy.perry@usd253.net
Phillips Casey Student Support Specialist casey.phillips@usd253.net
Podrebarac Angela Physical Education angela.podrebarac@usd253.net
Quarles Caressa Grade 5 caressa.quarles@usd253.net
Rainey Lori Library Media Specialist/Art lori.mareska@usd253.net
Randel Kristy Computer Teacher kristy.randel@usd253.net
Riesselman Lindsey Paraeducator-Intensive Skills lindsey.riesselman
Riles Melinda Teacher Aide melinda.riles@usd253.net
Rodriguez Lacey Health Office Assistant lacey.rodriguez@usd253.net
Ruge Amy Paraeducator amy.ruge@usd253.net
Satterfield Sarah Paraeducator sarah.satterfield@usd253.net
Schierling Brenda Teacher Aide brenda.schierling@usd253.net
Schroeder Brenda Building Support Technician brenda.schroeder@usd253.net
Shirk Marcy Grade 4 marcy.shirk@usd253.net
Sigle Angela Assistant Cook-Bakery angela.sigle@usd253.net
Simons Christine Vocal Music christine.simons@usd253.net
Snider Jessica Vocal Music jessica.snider@usd253.net
Sparks Shelley Grade 5 shelley.sparks@usd253.net
Stair Kaity Paraeducator-Intensive Skills kaity.stair@usd253.net
Tabares Lori Instructional Strategist lori.tabares@usd253.net
Tabares Damien Custodian damien.tabares@usd253.net
Taber Vicky Assistant Cook - Food Service vicky.taber@usd253.net
Taylor Hayden Grade 5 hayden.taylor@usd253.net
Turney Linda Secretary linda.turney@usd253.net
Weatherholt Jackie Paraeducator jackie.weatherholt@usd253.net
Wendling Sarah Teacher Aide sarah.wendling@usd253.net
Wiltz Chelsea Grade 2 chelsea.wiltz@usd253.net
Wood Denise Assistant Cook - Food Service denise.wood@usd253.net
Zornes Rhonda Kindergarten rhonda.zornes@usd253.net

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The Emporia Public Schools publishes the email addresses of all employees to help parents and community members communicate with school personnel for educational purposes. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the use of employee names and address lists for commercial purposes.

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