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Jared Giffin, Principal

Katie Adams, Assistant Principal

Irma Raygoza, Secretary

Last Nickname Title Email
Acevedo Charli Grade 5 charli.acevedo@usd253.net
Adams Katie Assistant Principal katie.adams@usd253.net
Albert Danielle Grade 2 danielle.albert@usd253.net
Aranda Veronica Teacher Aide veronica.aranda@usd253.net
Averitt Erica Paraeducator erica.averitt@usd253.net
Bradateanu Sarah Speech-Language Pathologist sarah.bradateanu@usd253.net
Brown Jill Instructional Strategist jill.brown@usd253.net
Burgess Ashley Kindergarten ashley.burgess@usd253.net
Carmichael Jeniffer Grade 3 jeniffer.carmichael@usd253.net
Case Janet Paraeducator janet.case@usd253.net
Clark Mindy Instructional Strategist mindy.clark@usd253.net
Clark Virginia Teacher Aide virginia.clark@usd253.net
Conley Bernita Health Office Assistant bernita.conley@usd253.net
Crone Amanda Paraeducator amanda.crone@usd253.net
Davis Andrea Teacher Intern andrea.davis@usd253.net
Demler Cara Paraeducator cara.demler@usd253.net
Dirks Melissa Grade 1 melissa.dirks@usd253.net
Doudna Dodie Paraeducator dodie.doudna@usd253.net
Drake Johnny Head Custodian johnny.drake@usd253.net
Drennan Marck Art marck.drennan@usd253.net
Durbin Cindy Instructional Strategist cindy.durbin@usd253.net
Eaton Katie Paraeducator katie.eaton@usd253.net
Fessler Carla Student Support Specialist carla.fessler@usd253.net
Fianu Erica Grade 4 erica.fianu@usd253.net
Frazier Abigail Paraeducator abigail.frazier@usd253.net
Funk Ali Paraeducator ali.funk@usd253.net
Giffin Jared Principal jared.giffin@usd253.net
Gifford Michelle Physical Education michelle.gifford@usd253.net
Glenn Megan Enrichment Teacher megan.glenn@usd253.net
Gonzalez Jesica Paraeducator jesica.gonzalez@usd253.net
Hall Tiffany Paraeducator tiffany.hall@usd253.net
Hart Kari Grade 3 kari.hart@usd253.net
Hendricks Aubree Paraeducator aubree.hendricks@usd253.net
Hernandez Jessica Paraeducator jessica.hernendez@usd253.net
Hernandez Rios Alejandra Paraeducator alejandra.rios@usd253.net
Herrick Kristen Grade 1 kristen.herrick@usd253.net
Hoggatt Kara Adaptive Special Education kara.hoggatt@usd253.net
Houser Randielle Grade 4 randielle.houser@usd253.net
Jacobs Jill Assistant Cook - Food Service
Johnson Melissa Grade 3 melissa.johnson@usd253.net
Keisler Lexie Grade 1 lexie.keisler@usd253.net
Keough Tracy ELA Teacher tracy.keough@usd253.net
Lake Jackie Kindergarten jackie.lake@usd253.net
Lienemann Christina Grade 2 christina.lienemann@usd253.net
Loewen Lisa Paraeducator lisa.loewen@usd253.net
Ludes Kari Paraeducator kari.ludes@usd253.net
Lutes Shelly Computer/Technology Teacher shelly.lutes@usd253.net
Lyon Kirstee Instructional Strategist kirstee.lyon@usd253.net
Maciel Alba Teacher Aide alba.maciel@usd253.net
McCoy Jenny Teacher Aide jenny.mccoy@usd253.net
Monroe Ebony Grade 4 ebony.monroe@usd253.net
Moyer Sarah Grade 4 sarah.moyer@usd253.net
Musick Elaine Instructional Strategist elaine.musick@usd253.net
Nickel Brenda School Nurse brenda.nickel@usd253.net
Nunez Yoshira Building Support Technician yoshira.nunez@usd253.net
Olson Kelly Adaptive Special Education kelly.olson@usd253.net
Osorio Jennifer Paraeducator jennifer.osorio@usd235.net
Page Denise Teacher Aide denise.page@usd253.net
Palencia Vicke Paraeducator vicke.palencia@usd253.net
Pena Brock Grade 5 brock.pena@usd253.net
Pettigrew Stacey Librarian stacey.pettigrew@usd253.net
Phelps Abby Library Clerk abby.phelps@usd253.net
Potter Lorraine Teacher Aide lorraine.potter@usd253.net
Powers Megan Grade 2 megan.powers@usd253.net
Raygoza Irma Secretary irma.raygoza@usd253.net
Reyes Pati Teacher Aide pati.reyes@usd235.net
Rodgers Janell Lead Cook - Food Service janell.rodgers@usd253.net
Rodriguez Steve Custodian steve.rodriguez@usd253.net
Rumple Kassie Vocal Music kasandra.rumple@usd253.net
Schade Stacey Adaptive Special Education stacey.schade@usd253.net
Scheve Jeri Instructional Strategist jeri.scheve@usd253.net
Schmidt Rhonda Paraeducator rhonda.schmidt@usd253.net
Shefcyk Delanie Paraeducator delanie.shefcyk@usd253.net
Simon Aracelly Server - Food Service aracelly.simon@usd253.net
Simpson William Custodian william.simpson@usd253.net
Smith Nancy Teacher Aide nancy.smith@usd253.net
Smithhisler Teresa Grade 5 teresa.smithhisler@usd253.net
Stanbrough Wendy Instructional Strategist wendy.stanbrough@usd253.net
Treu Sheila Teacher Aide sheila.treu@usd253.net
Trujillo Saul Kindergarten saul.trujillo@usd253.net
Tunks-Jones Patty Paraeducator patricia.tunks-jones@usd253.net
Turner Christine Instructional Coach christine.turner@usd253.net
Waters Natalie Paraeducator natalie.waters@usd253.net
Williams Lupe Teacher Aide lupe.williams@usd253.net
Worley Jackie Paraeducator jackie.worley@usd253.net

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The Emporia Public Schools publishes the email addresses of all employees to help parents and community members communicate with school personnel for educational purposes. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the use of employee names and address lists for commercial purposes.

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