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Last Nickname Title Email
Bair Shellie Early Childhood Teacher shellie.bair@usd253.net
Barber Meade Shari Early Childhood Teacher shari.barbermeade@usd253.net
Belt Elizabeth Early Childhood Teacher elizabeth.belt@usd253.net
Bollinger Ashley Early Childhood Teacher ashley.bollinger@usd253.net
Britain Chelsea Paraeducator chelsea.britain@usd253.net
Brooks Dorothy Paraeducator dorothy.brooks@usd253.net
Cates Susan Early Childhood Teacher susan.cates@usd253.net
Chowdhury Shireen Paraeducator shireen.chowdhury@usd253.net
Clay Amber Early Childhood Teacher amber.clay@usd253.net
Cleghorn Kersten Paraeducator kersten.cleghorn@usd253.net
Couch Veronica Paraeducator veronica.couch@usd253.net
Del Alba Patty Paraeducator patricia.delalba@usd253.net
Dettmann Kailee School Psychologist kailee.dettmann@usd253.net
Evins Laura Early Childhood Teacher laura.evins@usd253.net
Garcia Lucy Office Aide/Health Office Aide/Bldg Support Tech lucy.garcia@usd253.net
Gonzalez Celeste Paraeducator celeste.gonzalez@usd253.net
Goza Kelly Paraeducator kelly.goza@usd253.net
Graff Michelle Early Childhood Teacher michelle.graff@usd253.net
Guereca Lugo Karla Paraeducator karla.guerecalugo@usd253.net
Gutierrez Walt Head Custodian walt.gutierrez@usd253.net
Haas Jolene Instructional Coach jolene.haas@usd253.net
Hart Lisa Early Childhood Teacher lisa.hart@usd253.net
Hart Diana Teacher Aide diana.hart@usd253.net
Hayes-Jackson Beth Custodian beth.hayesjackson@usd253.net
Hullett Valerie Paraeducator/Teacher Aide valerie.hullett@usd253.net
Johnston Stacey Early Childhood Teacher stacey.johnston@usd253.net
Lyon Teresa Teacher Aide teresa.lyon@usd253.net
Magathan Bea Social Worker bea.magathan@usd253.net
Mason Brandy Paraeducator brandy.mason@usd253.net
Mendoza Julie Paraeducator julie.mendoza@usd253.net
Modlin Gwen Paraeducator gwen.modlin@usd253.net
Nickel Brenda School Nurse brenda.nickel@usd253.net
Pendlay Karen Paraeducator karen.pendlay@usd253.net
Peralta Jaime Paraeducator jaime.peralta@usd253.net
Peraza Katy Paraeducator katy.peraza@usd253.net
Pringle Michelle Speech-Language Pathologist michelle.pringle@usd253.net
Reyna Adriana Teacher Aide adrian.reyna@usd253.net
Rico Maria Paraeducator maria.rico@usd253.net
Rodriguez Mary Early Childhood Secretary mary.rodriguez@usd253.net
Rodriguez Ambriz Maria Paraeducator maria.rodriguez@usd253.net
Ross Bri Paraeducator bri.ross@usd253.net
Salazar Liz Paraeducator liz.salazar@usd253.net
Santangelo Tessa Early Childhood Teacher tessa.santangelo@usd253.net
Scheib Keva Principal keva.scheib@usd253.net
Segovia Alyssa Paraeducator alyssa.segovia@usd253.net
Sliter Jeanette Early Childhood Teacher jeanette.sliter@usd253.net
Soria Gonzalez Anele Paraeducator anele.soriagonzalez@usd253.net
Tabares Mary Beth Early Childhood Teacher mary.tabares@usd253.net
Tackitt Lorretta Physical Therapist lorretta.tackitt@usd253.net
Vasquez Roxana Paraeducator roxana.vasquez@usd253.net
Williams Kat Paraeducator kat.williams@usd253.net
Wilson Annamarie Paraeducator annamarie.wilson@usd253.net
Zuniga Gaby Paraeducator gaby.zuniga@usd253.net

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The Emporia Public Schools publishes the email addresses of all employees to help parents and community members communicate with school personnel for educational purposes. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the use of employee names and address lists for commercial purposes.

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