Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative
1700 W. 7th Avenue
Emporia, KS 66801
Voice: (620) 341-2325
Fax: (620) 341-2212
Web: Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative


Elena Lincoln, Executive Director of Special Services
Susan Pedersen, Secretary
Erin Krueger, Secretary

Other contact information

Last Nickname Building Title Email
Day Joleen FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator
DeDonder Misty EHS, FHSEC Enrichment Services misty.dedonder@usd253.net
Delgado Alyssa EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator alyssa.delgado@usd253.net
DeLong Bobbi Timmerman, FHSEC Paraeducator - Intensive Skills bobbi.delong@usd253.net
Devries Dana EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator dana.devries@usd253.net
Dieker Chris EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator chris.dieker@usd253.net
Dominguez Alejandra EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator alejandra.dominguez@usd253.net
Dorcey Denise EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator denise.dorcey@usd253.net
Dorr Janine EMS, FHSEC Connections Teacher janine.dorr@usd253.net
Dreher Zachary FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator zachary.dreher@usd253.net
Duncan Monica FHSEC/USD 386/390 SPED Coordinator monica.duncan@usd253.net
Dunlap Chris FHSEC/USD 251 Adaptive Special Education chris.dunlap@usd253.net
Dunn Kelsey Village, FHSEC Paraeducator/Teacher Aide kelsey.dunn@usd253.net
Eaton Katie Riverside, FHSEC Paraeducator katie.eaton@usd253.net
Edmiston Sherry EHS, FHSEC Adaptive Special Education sherry.edmiston@usd253.net
Edwards Genna FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator genna.edwards@usd253.net
Ehrlich Denise FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator denise.ehrlich@usd253.net
Ellerman Mary FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator
Enabnit Cabrina EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator cabrina.enabnit@usd253.net
England Nancy Timmerman, FHSEC Paraeducator nancy.england@usd253.net
Eskeldson Sheila FHSEC/USD 417 Adaptive Special Education sheila.eskeldson@usd253.net
Esslinger Jennifer Timmerman, FHSEC Adaptive Special Education jennifer.esslinger@usd253.net
Evins Laura Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher laura.evins@usd253.net
Eylar Katy FHSEC School Psychologist katy.eylar@usd253.net
Fancher Deb WAW, FHSEC Paraeducator debra.fancher@usd253.net
Flippin Cristy FHSEC/USD 386 Adaptive Special Education cristy.flippin@usd253.net
Florence Jennifer FHSEC/USD 251 Paraeducator jennifer.dains@usd253.net
Ford Colin Logan, FHSEC Paraeducator/Teacher Aide colin.ford@usd253.net
Fox Angelica FHSEC/USD 386 Paraeducator angelica.fox@usd253.net
Freund Brandy FHSEC/USD 390 Paraeducator brandy.freund@usd253.net
Garcia Lucy Maynard, FHSEC Office Aide/Health Office Aide/Bldg Support Tech lucy.garcia@usd253.net
Gibb Alisha FHSEC/USD 284 Paraeducator alisha.gibb@usd253.net
Giffin Emily WAW, FHSEC Paraeducator emily.giffin@usd253.net
Gilligan Lexi FHSEC/USD 252 Paraeducator lexi.gilligan@usd253.net
Glades Tara FHSEC/USD 284 SPED Coordinator tara.glades@usd253.net
Glenn Megan Logan, Riverside, Timmerman, Walnut, WAW, Village, FHSEC Enrichment Teacher megan.glenn@usd253.net
Glover Lisa FHSEC/USD 386 Adaptive Special Education lisa.glover@usd253.net
Gonsalez Tommie FHSEC School Psychologist tommie.gonsalez@usd253.net
Gonzalez Jesica Riverside, FHSEC Paraeducator jesica.gonzalez@usd253.net
Gonzalez Celeste Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator celeste.gonzalez@usd253.net
Goodman Rebecca FHSEC/USD 390 Adaptive Special Education bgoodman@usd253.net
Gooszen Gary EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator gary.gooszen@usd253.net
Goza Kelly Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator kelly.goza@usd253.net
Grafel Roma FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator
Graff Michelle Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher michelle.graff@usd253.net
Grimwood Crista Walnut, FHSEC Adapative Special Education crista.grimwood@usd253.net
Guereca Lugo Karla Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator karla.guerecalugo@usd253.net
Gutierrez Ruth Logan, FHSEC Paraeducator ruth.gutierrez@usd253.net
Haas Jolene Maynard, FHSEC Instructional Coach jolene.haas@usd253.net
Hall Tiffany Riverside, FHSEC Paraeducator tiffany.hall@usd253.net
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The Emporia Public Schools publishes the email addresses of all employees to help parents and community members communicate with school personnel for educational purposes. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the use of employee names and address lists for commercial purposes.

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