Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative
1700 W. 7th Avenue
Emporia, KS 66801
Voice: (620) 341-2325
Fax: (620) 341-2212
Web: Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative


Elena Lincoln, Executive Director of Special Services
Susan Pedersen, Secretary
Erin Krueger, Secretary

Other contact information

Last Nickname Building Title Email
Albertson Laura EMS, FHSEC Enrichment Services laura.albertson@usd253.net
Albertson Lindsey EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator lindsey.albertson@usd253.net
Arevalo Amanda Logan, FHSEC Adaptive Special Education amanda.arevalo@usd253.net
Argabright Carla FHSEC/USD 252 Paraeducator carla.argabright@usd253.net
Arnold Angela FHSEC/USD 284 Paraeducator angela.arnold@usd253.net
Ary June FHSEC, Central Office Physical Therapist june.ary@usd253.net
Atchison Mike EMS, FHSEC Adaptive Special Education mike.atchison@usd253.net
Ayala-Ruiz Mayra EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator mayra.ayalaruiz@usd253.net
Bacon Kati FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator kati.bacon@usd253.net
Bailey Cheryl FHSEC/USD 284 Paraeducator cheryl.bailey@usd253.net
Bair Shellie Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher shellie.bair@usd253.net
Barb Alesia FHSEC Speech-Language Pathologist alesia.barb@usd253.net
Barber Meade Shari Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher shari.barbermeade@usd253.net
Barnard Brittany FHSEC/USD 386 Paraeducator brittany.barnard@usd253.net
Barton Cheryl FHSEC/USD 417 Adaptive Special Education cheryl.barton@usd253.net
Baylor Taylor FHSEC/USD 252 Paraeducator taylor.baylor@usd253.net
Belt Elizabeth Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher elizabeth.belt@usd253.net
Beyer Melanie FHSEC/USD 252 Paraeducator
Bollinger Ashley Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher ashley.bollinger@usd253.net
Booth Andrea Logan, FHSEC Paraeducator/Teacher Aide andrea.booth@usd253.net
Bradateanu Sarah Riverside, FHSEC/USD 252 Speech-Language Pathologist sarah.bradateanu@usd253.net
Bradburn Carol WAW, FHSEC Paraeducator carol.bradburn@usd253.net
Brady Kathy EMS, FHSEC Paraeducator kathy.brady@usd253.net
Britain Chelsea Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator chelsea.britain@usd253.net
Brooks Dorothy Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator dorothy.brooks@usd253.net
Brothers Kim Madison High School, FHSEC Paraeducator kim.brothers@usd253.net
Browning Eleanor Walnut, FHSEC Instructional Strategist eleanor.browning@usd253.net
Budke Amy FHSEC/USD 251 Adaptive Special Education budkea@usd251.org
Burns Valerie Central Office, FHSEC Occupational Therapist valerie.burns@usd253.net
Buster Michel FHSEC/USD 251 Adaptive Special Education michel.buster@usd253.net
Butler Kristie FHSEC/USD 417 Adaptive Special Education kristie.butler@usd253.net
Carter Kristi Timmerman, FHSEC Paraeducator - Intensive Skills kristi.carter@usd253.net
Case Janet Riverside, FHSEC Paraeducator janet.case@usd253.net
Cates Susan Maynard, FHSEC Early Childhood Teacher susan.cates@usd253.net
Cheek Emily Village, FHSEC Paraeducator emily.cheek@usd253.net
Chowdhury Shireen Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator shireen.chowdhury@usd253.net
Church Donna Village, FHSEC Paraeducator donna.church@usd253.net
Clements Christina EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator christina.clements@usd253.net
Combes Angela Timmerman, FHSEC Adaptive Special Education angela.combes@usd253.net
Cona Leah EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator leah.cona@usd253.net
Cooper Heidi Timmerman, FHSEC Paraeducator - Intensive Skills heidi.cooper@usd253.net
Copenhaver Christopher EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator christopher.copenhaver@usd253.net
Couch Veronica Maynard, FHSEC Paraeducator veronica.couch@usd253.net
Coulter Mica FHSEC/USD 390 Adaptive Special Education mica.coulter@usd253.net
Cowen Angela EMS, FHSEC Adaptive Special Education angela.cowen@usd253.net
Craige Amanda FHSEC/USD 417 Paraeducator amanda.craige@usd253.net
Currie Christinia WAW, FHSEC Paraeducator - Turning Point christina.currie@usd253.net
Curry-Nelson Taryn FHSEC/USD 252 Paraeducator taryn.nelson@usd253.net
Davis Debbie EHS, FHSEC Paraeducator debbie.davis@usd253.net
Davis-Becker Angie FHSEC/USD 251 Adaptive Special Education angelique.davis-beck@usd253.net
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