USD253 Central Office
  1700 W. 7th
Emporia, KS 66801
Voice: (620) 341-2200
Fax: (620) 341-2205
Web: www.usd253.org
  Kevin Case, Superintendent
Dr. Andy Koenigs, Associate Superintendent of Personnel
Dr. George Abel, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Robert Scheib, Assistant Superintendent of Business

Last Nickname Title Email
Abel George Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning george.abel@usd253.net
Ary June Physical Therapist june.ary@usd253.net
Barrett Nate Information Technology Specialist nate.barrett@usd253.net
Beadles Paul Director of IT Operations paul.beadles@usd253.net
Bolz Angie Administrative Secretary - Teaching & Learning angie.bolz@usd253.net
Burns Valerie Occupational Therapist valerie.burns@usd253.net
Case Kevin Superintendent kevin.case@usd253.net
Clay Larry Security Officer larry.clay@usd253.net
Delgado David Head Custodian david.delgado@usd253.net
Dreier Kathy Bookkeeper/Clerk kathy.dreier@usd253.net
Estrada Samantha Secretary - Community Relations samantha.estrada@usd253.net
Flood Karen Director of Budgets & Accounting karen.flood@usd253.net
Fowler Matthew District Electronic Media Specialist matthew.fowler@usd253.net
Garay Lesley Administrative Secretary - Teaching & Learning lesley.garay@usd253.net
Gerbig Fred Data Base Engineer fred.gerbig@usd253.net
Good Shari District Support Technician shari.good@usd253.net
Hauff Tina Occupational Therapist tina.hauff@usd253.net
Horst Nancy Director of Community Relations nancy.horst@usd253.net
Karjala Ryan Associate Exec Dir of Assessments & Accountability ryan.karjala@usd253.net
Koenigs Andy Associate Superintendent of Human Resources andy.koenigs@usd253.net
Krueger Erin Bookkeeper/Clerk erin.krueger@usd253.net
Larson Amy Assistant Director of Human Resources amy.larson@usd253.net
Markley Erica Payroll Clerk erica.frey@usd253.net
Moon Cate Administrative Assistant - Business cate.moon@usd253.net
Pedersen Susan Administrative Secretary - Human Resources susan.pedersen@usd253.net
Price Marc District Accounts Payable marc.price@usd253.net
Redeker Wade Executive Director of Secondary Education wade.redeker@usd253.net
Rettiger-Lincoln Elena Executive Director of Special Services elena.lincoln@usd253.net
Reyes Patricia Migrant Student & Family Resource Specialist patricia.reyes@usd253.net
Rodriguez Amanda Secretary - Student & Family Resources amanda.rodriguez@usd253.net
Rojas Elaine District Translator elaine.rojas@usd253.net
Russell Dwight Building Support Technician II/Technology Help Desk dwight.russell@usd253.net
Sanders Crystal MIS Data Clerk crystal.sanders@usd253.net
Sandoval Stephanie District Accountant stephanie.sandoval@usd253.net
Scheib Rob Assistant Superintendent of Business rob.scheib@usd253.net
Schmid Julianna Adaptive Special Education julianna.schmid@usd253.net
Schweinler Vicki Executive Director of Elementary Schools vicki.schweinler@usd253.net
Vogts Melissa Human Resources/Benefits Clerk melissa.vogts@usd253.net
Wagner Heather Student & Family Resource Specialist heather.wagner@usd253.net
Witten Dana Clerk of the Board/Executive Secretary - Superintendent dana.witten@usd253.net
Yeager Karen District Payroll karen.yeager@usd253.net

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The Emporia Public Schools publishes the email addresses of all employees to help parents and community members communicate with school personnel for educational purposes. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the use of employee names and address lists for commercial purposes.

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